Predmore Press

Art Advisory Services

We provide art advisory services for both experienced collectors and for those new to the art world. Our compensation for these services is either fee or transaction-based at reasonable market rates. Please contact us for a telephone consultation and evaluation of the scope of your needs prior to any billing or expense incurred. 

Our art advisory services include the following:

  • art sales - Our global network among collectors, art industry insiders, traditional and new media We provide art advisory services in the primary and secondary markets for both experienced collectors and for those new to the art world, Our advisory services relate to fine art objects such as paintings, sculpture, prints, mixed media, video art, and installations and we generally exclude most antiques and other luxury goods categories. We do not specialize in fine art collector categories and we work with a global network of specialists as needed to supplement our own expertise.  We have, however, recent focus on American Post-War and Chinese Contemporary Art.

  • art collection cataloging - There are many software programs used for collection cataloging and we recommend the most efficient solution for your unique collection needs.  We then propose and implement a tailored collection cataloging solution. The quality of date entry and maintenance is often the difference between the ease of integrating the financial specifics of your collection into other professional formats for appraising, insurance, lending and taxes.

  • custom art object and collector category reports - Art industry data aggregation and interpretation is a specialty in itself and we have extensive experience in art market research and auction market data.  We customize reports related to specific art objects or entire collections that are useful for your own analysis of valuation, and for appraisers, insurers, lenders and for other art transactional needs.

  • auction market representation - As an alternative for selling in the private market, identifying the most beneficial auction venue for your art objects may be a complex and time consuming process, depending on the nature of the art and your liquidity needs.  Our extensive auction sales and cataloging experience is a valuable resource for negotiations about commission levels and positioning of your art object or art collection within the auction itself.


  • art collection publishing - Some collections are worth documenting in a more formal way for your personal enjoyment, for your legacy, or for an art or financial transaction.  As art book publishers, we provide turnkey collection publications, from simple paperback manuals to large format hard-back collector's editions with essays from connoisseurs and recognized art authors and journalists.

  • collection support services - We are able to recommend specialists and oversee your needs for framing, shipping, installations and storage solutions, regardless of your location.

  • art financing and insurance - Several recognized financial institutions and other lesser known groups specialize in art-based asset lending and art insurance.   We have worked with or have contacts at most such art finance institutions and are skilled in the documentation and procedures involved in representing you during the often complex processes of art financial transactions.