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About Us

Products We Offer

We sell original paintings and prints directly from the artist's studio.

We provide art advisory services for both experienced collectors and for those new to the art world.  Our compensation for these services is either fee or transaction-based at reasonable market rates.  Please contact us for a telephone consultation and evaluation of the scope of your needs prior to any billing or expense incurred.  Our services include:

  • collection management, including art acquisitions and sales
  • art collection cataloging
  • custom art object and collector category reports
  • auction market representation 
  • art collection publishing
  • collection support services
  • ​art financing and insurance

Original Art

The Brooklyn Bridge early 1900s

Our artbooks are of the highest quality, with enbossed hardback covers, sewn bound binding, and museum grade matt art paper. We sell retail to individuals and wholesale to art bookstores, specialty stores, libraries and art institutions.

Predmore Press has roots in the fine art industry from its New York base for over 30 years.  We are an independent publishing organization specializing in high quality fine art books and publications. We also offer art advisory services and fine art for sale, whether in the secondary market or direct from the studios of under-recognized great contemporary artists.

For our art publications, we select artists who have dedicated themselves to the creative life, whether classically trained or self-taught, and who evidence compelling and sustainable originality. 

Our art advisory services are often related to honed expertise in market research and publishing. Properly documenting and packaging the history of the artist and art objects produced, contributes to visibility, value and longevity in the art market.

​The scope of our collection management services includes  paintings, sculpture, prints, mixed media, video art, and installations. 

Art Advisory Services

Within fine art, we are not limited by collector category such as period or geographical origination.  We typically supplement our internal resources with a global network of experts from which we draw when the project requires specialization.

With the dramatic increase in art prices since the turn of the century, art as a financeable asset ,and art for investment have gained in popularity.  We utilize our knowledge of investment banking and asset management to assist with art financing projects when exceptional opportunities arise. 

Our business creed is to produce the highest quality of products and services with uncompromising dedication to the integrity of our client’s needs without conflicts of interest.